Photobook Design


This is a spread for my photobook I am designing. I like simple boxes which is why I chose to create these simple image boxes. The logo is is a mix of my initials and it fits my design motif. I like the concept of creating images that are well balanced.


Front cover photo credit

Bottom right photo credit

Brooks McFadden


One thought on “Photobook Design

  1. Nathan, I really love your photographic style. I can already tell your photobook is going to look great.
    The layout of your right page is really pleasing. the three photos on the bottom create a nice visual flow. The picture of you at the bottom is a nice touch. And the photos you decided to make large are amazing. I love the colors in the one on the left page and can’t get over the character of the top photo on the right page. Nice layout overall. You should take a look at Emily’s photobook design. One of the best in the class I think.


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