Past Photos


Hello Everyone, My Name is Nathan Fleming and I am from Gilbert, Arizona. I am a huge fan of music, cars, and photography. I have been doing photography since my sophomore year of high school in 2009.

I love photojournalism but I love being able to tap into my artistic side and see what I can create with my photography. I have been able to grow my photography skills when I joined The Scroll here at BYU-I. I am excited to show you what I have been able to do with my photography.


This is one of my first photos that I used Photoshop with to edit it. It was off the beach of San Clemente.  Edits- Contrast, Saturation, Burn tool


I took this to honor my wife because purple is her favorite color. This was taken while practicing macro photography. Edits- Vibrance, Blur, Contrast, Saturation


A pool at Yellowstone during mid July. Taken on a Canon 60D. Edits- Vibrance, Contrast


This is the Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone. I nearly dropped my camera into boiling water when taking this image. Edits- Contrast


This buffalo was about twenty five yards away. After taking this image he stood up and began running at the car I was standing behind. Edits- Contrast, Saturation, Exposure


This is the Gilbert Arizona temple. The agave plants in the bottom of the image is also worked into the stained glass. Edits- Contrast, Vibrance, Saturation


A P-51 Mustang shot from behind the right wing. This plane is displayed in the Legacy Flight Museum and fought in WWII. Edits- Contrast, Exposure


Model Emily Montgomery poses in front of the falls at Idaho Falls. Emily Montgomery is an starting model and a family friend. Edits- Contrast, Whites, Magic brush cleaning


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